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Now that you have the power and technology to create professional membership sites with the ease of clicking just a few buttons, we felt the need to arm you with the proven system and techniques that the top membership owners have been using for YEARS to create 5, 6 and even 7 figure PER MONTH passive income streams!

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This is a “No Fluff, No BS” Membership Workshop, held by yours truly – where I’ll reveal to you my unique membership creation system that I have perfected and learned over my 9+ online marketing career, by studying and hiring some of the best in the business.

This system has transformed into one of the most wildly successful programs for developing moneymaking membership sites – used by some of the top online marketers on the planet use this formula.

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Start Creating MULTIPLE $1k+ Per Month Income Streams with Simple Membership Sites that Can Be Created in Literally Days and Maintained with 20 Minutes a Day!

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  • Week #1: Research Hacks

    During our first week, we will cover how to identify red-hot markets and niches of which, customers are willing to pay you on a monthly or yearly basis for valuable content.

    See how we uncover profitable membership sites that you can mimic and piggy-back off of their success!

  • Week #2: Foundation Hacks

    Watch as we do a live walk-through of some of the best ways to structure your entire membership to make it super user-friendly, easy to find what they need and make it super engaging.

  • Week #3: Content Hacks

    Learn how to ethically and legally uncover endless amounts of free topics and content that you can leverage in your own membership – of which your members will pay you monthly for!

    See how secrets for making your members thirsty for more content, while cutting the time to produce that content by 80%.

  • Week #4: Engagement Hacks

    Engagement is a major factor when it comes to keeping your members interactive, involved, and continue coming back to your membership on a daily or weekly basis; during this week we’ll discuss how you can engage your members – without having it eat up too much of your time.

  • Week #5: Technology Hacks

    During this week, we’ll reveal all of the tricks we use to create a mini studio in your home or office that will allow you to crank out high quality videos, audio, podcasts, interviews, screencasts/screenshares, text/blog content, tutorial/training videos, face/branding videos – super easily and on an affordable budget.

  • Week #6: Retention Hacks

    Of course adding new members to your membership site can help increase your bottom line, but so can keeping the existing members you have.

    This week, we’ll give you all of our secrets to how you can reduce attrition by up to 70% overnight!

  • Week #7: Launch Hacks

    This is an exciting week, as its devoted towards creating a massive launch and promoting your membership site – to help generate an influx of hundreds or even thousands of recurring members in a matter of days!

    Our launch formula has been tested by our team over 25+ times (generating over $20 million dollars in revenue) and has been replicated by some of the top online marketers in the world.

  • Week #8: Outsourcing & Scaling Hacks

    Learn how to turn your membership into an automated profit machine – hiring a person or team to handle the day-to-day operations. This is when you can start to truly scale the membership model and create rinse and repeat income!

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